About Us

Don Mango

Don Mango is a US veteran who on a whim, decided to pack his surfboard, bid adieu to Uncle Sam… and trade hamburgers for casados.  He arrived in the Southern Zone back in 2008, kickstarting his tropical adventure in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica. Since then, he’s never looked back. 
Years ago, some locals gave him the title “Don Mango”, and although it’s not because of a profound love for the fruit (although, let’s be real, who doesn’t love a juicy mango?) it has stuck with him ever since. 
While some expats open a beach bar or teach yoga when they move to a tropical paradise, Don Mango spends his time building things with his hands, hiking in the jungle, and training jiujitsu.


Kourtney is a sassy American expat who swapped her high heels for a surfboard and smoothies on tropical beaches. Rumor has it that she heard the avocados in Costa Rica here are to die for. And let’s not forget about the coffee. 

A seasoned surfer, Kourtney is always out chasing waves. If there’s a wave she hasn’t ridden or a café she hasn’t critiqued in Costa Rica, it’s probably just opened. 
If she wasn’t already married to the surf, the Costa Rican brews would surely have swept her off her feet. Kourtney chronicles her coastal escapades with wit and flair, offering a blend of surf tales, café reviews, and expat anecdotes. 


Alex is a cantankerous writer who splits his time between the beaches of West Palm Beach and his tree farm in Costa Rica. What began as an impromptu purchase (he claims he just wanted a place to read where no one would bother him) has grown into a sprawling tree farm that he’s nurtured for over two decades.
While some writers prefer a coffeeshop, Alex gets his inspiration locked up in his office in the jungles of Costa Rica. If you’re trying to learn about the intricacies of tree farming, direct response marketing, or just want a good chuckle at life’s oddities, Alex is your man.
When he’s not criticizing everything, he’s locked away in his office working.