Living it up in Playa Jacó

Last updated on April 30, 2023

Hey there, amigos! Today we’re talking about the beach town of Playa Jacó. Now, let me tell you, this place has got an exciting vibe like no other beach town in the country. Locals describe it as “Metropolitan culture meets beach chill.” And boy, do they mean it!

You’ve got Vegas-style casinos, bars on every corner, and a nightlife that’s perfect for all you party animals out there. Whether you’re into gambling or dancing the night away, Jacó’s got you covered.

And if you’re not into cooking for yourself, no worries – there are 100 different dining and drinking options for you to choose from. Seafood, Italian, Peruvian, Costa Rican, French, Asian, vegan, craft beer microbreweries, and wine bars – you name it, they’ve got it. And if you’re on a budget, you can still get dinner and drinks for as cheap as $18 per couple at a local soda. It’s like a foodie’s dream come true!

But Jacó isn’t just about the party scene. There’s a strong expat community here that’s mixed in with the local ticos, making the full-time residents about a 50/50 mix. And in recent years, they’ve really gone above and beyond to make Jacó a family-friendly place to visit and live. There are parks, jungle gyms, and plenty of restaurants with kid-friendly menus. Plus, there’s the Jacó Walk, an open-air mall that has activities and performances for the whole family.

Playa Jaco Farmers Market

And don’t forget about the local feria (farmer’s market)!You can socialize with the locals while you pick up some fresh produce, artisanal breads, cheeses, and other goodies.

And if that’s not enough for you, there are festivals happening almost every weekend. Art, dance, beer, and even ceviche – they’ve got it all!

Now, if you’re looking for a more tranquil experience, Jacó’s got you covered there, too. There’s an artsy and spiritual community focused on yoga and healing. It’s the perfect place to do everything or nothing at all – anything goes in Jacó!

So there you have it, folks – Playa Jacó, where the party never stops, the food is amazing, and the community is as diverse as they come. Come join me for a good time, won’t you?